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Snader Sensei started his training in the 1980’s under the instruction of Robert Herten Sensei. As his training progressed so did his passion for karate.

It was in 1992 that Snader Sensei made his first trip to Lansing, Michigan to see Seikichi Iha, Hanshi 10th dan. Iha Sensei’s organization is the Beikoku Shido-kan Karate-do Association. In February 1992 at the rank of 3rd dan Snader Sensei had opened his own Dojo in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Meeting Iha Sensei had changed Snader Sensei’s view of what he thought true karate was. It was then in 2001 that Snader Sensei was formally accepted as a student under Iha Sensei and his dojo was promoted to Shibu dojo (a dojo directly under Iha Sensei). In 2002 Snader Sensei traveled with Iha Sensei to Okinawa, Japan to participate in the 50th Anniversary celebration of Katsuya Miyahira‘s dojo, the Shido-kan.

Snader Sensei has dojo’s through out the United States and Israel. Sensei frequently travels to these dojo’s to conduct seminars and training events. He made his first trip to Israel in 2004 to conduct a series of seminars at the dojo of one of his senior students, Amit Michaeli, 5th dan.

In 2022, Snader Sensei was promoted to Hanshi, 9th Dan under Iha Sensei. In April 2023 Snader Sensei celebrated the 31st Anniversary of his dojo .

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